TeachThought Posts Days 1-3

Day 3 Observation Goal

I will work on having my students take on even more responsibility in the classroom. I will do this though increased student activity choices and roles. Giving students this opportunity allows their leadership skills to shine! #reflectiveteacher @teachthought

Day 2: new technology

I would love to try a 3D printer and see how it could possibly fit into my curriculum. I believe that once I see it in action I will find ways to use it to make History come alive for my students. #reflectiveteacher @teachthought

TeachThought Day 1

I have decided to take on the Reflecting Teaching Questions 30 day blog challenge developed by @teachthought. Day 1 asks us to list our goals for the school year. I develop goals every year and ask my students to do the same but I've never posted my goals before. This year's goals are for balance and to increase my use of technology. 
My first goal is for me to be aware of all of the roles in my life and to strive to spend equal time in those roles this year. An unbalanced life is not living life to the fullest and I will do everything I can to make this a priority. 
My second goal is to increase my use of technology. I expanded my technology usage 7 years ago when I was fortunate enough to receive a classroom Smartboard. One of my greatest professional successes is how much improvement I have shown since thenj and I have not stopped running to keep up with all of the advances in technology since. (The perfect example of this is that I accidentally deleted my first 3 posts--I had to figure out how to salvage most of them!) I am truly a work in progress but I will work to be as up to date as possible.


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