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The 6 Cs, as Related to NHD

As my Student Historians prepare for their Capstone Portfolio interviews in May I have been reflecting on my second National History Day journey. Students are expected to have three pieces of work from each content area represented in their portfolio. Their NHD projects should take a prominent place in their History portfolio section for a multitude of reasons, most of which relate to the concepts in the 6 Cs of Education: Critical Thinking, Communication, Citizenship, Character Education, Creativity, and Collaboration.
Critical Thinking This component is embedded in National History Day projects. Student Historians are expected to utilize higher-order thinking skills as they research topics they are interested in and break down the year's theme related to their topics. Students need to write a persuasive thesis, evaluate sources for reliability, use those sources to prove their thesis, and create a project within this Project-Based Learning model. They must be digital thinkers, a…