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Writing Organization

Students have spent time this week learning Powerwriting. This form of writing will help them organize their writing in History in a clear and concise way. Two strategies I implement that greatly ensure success with Powerwriting are the pre-writing outline and the use of highlighters. The outline enables students to formulate their thoughts easily. The use of highlighters is an organizational tool that allows students to see the flow and progression of their introductory sentence, examples, supporting details and conclusion. Powerwriting will get easier with practice and will help my students become adept at writing in History.

Interactive Timeline

The American Revolution Center has created an interactive timeline of events surrounding the American Revolution (and related modern historical events about the Revolution) that I wanted to share with my students and their families. Students will be creating their own timeline of Pre-Revolutionary War events and this is a wonderful way for them to preview next week's area of study.

The Roots of Representative Government

Students will be learning about the roots of representative government and the events leading up to the American Revolutionary War this week. These concepts are "Big Picture" ideas in American History--the lack of freedoms and rights colonists experienced in the mid-1700s gave rise to rebellion and a war against the greatest military force in the world at the time. Students will create a timeline this week that will illustrate these events.


I would like to welcome all of you to US History!
The first day of school went very well--we spent the morning discussing, among other things, materials needed for class and tomorrow we will do an activity to get to know one another better. Students will also receive their textbooks and begin a a textbook preview.

I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you and to a successful and exciting year!