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Useful Constitution Websites

Students will begin their study of the US Constitution this week. This important document can be challenging for students to understand and here are some links to help:

Ben's Guide to Government:

The United States House of Representatives:

The United States Senate:

The Supreme Court:

The Executive Branch/The White House:

Students, please take some time to become familiar with these sites so that you're comfortable with them before we visit them online in class.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a time to share with family and friends. It's also an opportunity to think about all that we have in our lives. My students wrote letters of gratitude today to an influential person in their life and they'll be giving those letters to them this weekend. Enjoy your break and we'll see you on Monday!
I've found a history of Thanksgiving from The History Channel--here is the link:

Veterans Day

A Veterans Day tradition continued today during 8th Grade History classes. Students were once again able to hear from people that protected and served our country in World War II, the Vietnam War and Operation Desert Storm. The students were fascinated by stories about boot camp and military police operations and also asked insightful questions.

Please take time out today to remember the sacrifices our service men and women have made for our country.

Constitutional Convention Experience

Learning about the Constitutional Convention is often a challenge for students. They sometimes struggle with the different plans discussed and the concept of balance of power. This year my students will be learning about this very important event by completing a simulation. Students are taking on the role of delegates at the Convention and will be attempting to compromise on the plans and, hopefully, come up with a government that is beneficial to all involved. Learning by doing is a powerful way for students to deeply learn material (and they get to have some fun at the same time).

Let the debate begin!