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Name That Executive Role!

Students today learned about the many roles of the head of the Executive Branch, the President of the United States. I found several images of former Presidents in these roles--can you guess which is which? Post your answers below or email them to me.


Commander-In-ChiefChief ExecutivePolitical Party HeadChief Diplomat

1.  President Eisenhower

2. President George HW Bush (on the right side of the picture)
3. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt 
4. President Reagan meeting with British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (this one's a bit of a giveaway!)

Legislative Branch Color, Symbol, Image

Students are creating a Color, Symbol, Image poster about the Legislative Branch. This type of thinking routine will help to deepen their understanding of the Legislative Branch and the role it plays in American Government by choosing a color, a symbol and an image or scene that the branch represents. I'm looking forward to student presentations tomorrow!