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The Executive and Judicial Branches

Students spent this week learning about the Executive and Judicial Branches. We created a Generate, Sort, Connect, and Extend concept map centering on the roles of the President and a Judicial Branch foldable. I enjoy teaching History but I really like the opportunity to teach about US Government because it's the greatest chance I have to focus on 20th Century people, places, and events. 
It's become a passion of mine--to teach about a time that my students won't formally study until they're well into High School. Many know so little about events and people that have directly impacted their lives (unless they have learned about these people and events on their own). I feel it's my duty to expose them to as much 20th Century History as I possibly can. 

Legislative Branch Research/Reflection

Student Historians researched US House and Senate leadership and committee websites in both Houses of Congress today in class. A written reflective analysis on Schoology completed their work.  
Students needed to understand the concepts of majority and minority parties, as well as the role the Vice President plays as President of the Senate in order to complete these activities. Many students wrote that they learned about the roles of the members of the Legislative Branch today and many were surprised by the work that is done in committees.