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Easing into the New School Year

School will be starting in a few weeks and it's a good idea to begin planning ahead for a smooth transition. You may be thinking about what to bring and wear to school but this post is to help students focus on being mentally ready for the new school year. 
These last moments of summer are a great time to: Start going to bed a bit earlier each night. If you've been getting to bed really late it's wise to move your bedtime up slowly to get your body adjusted to your school bedtime. (Remember: teens need 8-10 hours of sleep a night!) Trying to go to bed much earlier than you have been the night before school starts probably won't be beneficial. This site is full of great information: Write a short-term (first quarter) and a long term (year-long) goal. They can be related to school, sports, friends, family--anything! Setting goals is a terrific way to start the school year with a plan. Catch up with a classmate. If …