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Reading Aloud in the Middle School History Classroom

Reading a novel or non-fiction book aloud to my students is an essential part of my school year. I probably began this practice when the district-wide Troybery Reading Program was created by our Media Specialists. In this program students, teachers, and staff read the same newly published books throughout the school year and vote on the top book of the year.  Troybery is outstanding and has been existence for more than 15 years now. 
My read-aloud selections are usually current Troybery historical fiction (or non-fiction) books. This year I have added a few other selections.
My classes have just finished "nine, ten" by Nora Raleigh Baskin, a book about the events of September 11, 2001. Teaching Twentieth (and Twenty-first) Century History is incredibly important to me and I incorporate it whenever possible. Students have little working knowledge of this time period. We read the story aloud and then discuss the historic facts embedded in the story. 
Reading aloud is benefici…

Preparing for Michigan History Day State Competition

The following twenty seven 8th Grade Historians from Larson, Smith, and Boulan Park Middle Schools will be attending the Michigan History Day State Competition on Saturday, April 28th at Bay City Central High School: Individual Video Documentary: Seonghyo, Marcus  Group Video Documentary: Isabelle, Neha, and Kamren                 Malachi and Breah Marie Individual Exhibit: Varun, Julia Group Exhibit: Felicia, Allison, and Angela          Aileen and Katie Historical Paper: Mlahat, Esha Group Dramatic Performance: Ashley, Ashley, and Cole         Rachel and Caroline  Individual Website: Yutong, Erin
Group Website: Shrisha and Tanusree           James and Avani These students have been able to revise their projects after receiving feedback from the MHD Oakland County District Judges and after earning the opportunity to compete at the State level. Our Student Historians are excited and ready to once again represent their schools and our district. The top two entries in each category earn …