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A student of mine this year, I will call her Ashley, is a wonderful young lady, confident, and has lots of friends. She is a good student athlete and volunteers in our school's Autism room as part of a class. Ashley has never been a Student of the Week throughout her middle school years and I overheard her mention it to classmates a few weeks ago. (She wasn't complaining, just more a statement of fact.) I'd meant to make her a student of the week several times during the year for various reasons but hadn't remembered to.
I needed to make this a priority during her last week of Middle School, submitted a certificate for her, and was looking forward to seeing  her expression when her name was called. (She was in my class during announcements.) Ashley ended up surprising me first, though, and this is one of the reasons I teach.
When the student of the week announcement began I looked over to Ashley's table and observed her. The first name announced was the name of a …

Thank You

Today was the 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony and tomorrow is the last day of the school year. I would like to take a moment to say Thank You to all of my students.
I love teaching 8th Grade US History and Effective Teens. I'm so incredibly fortunate that I've learned so much from my students over the years. As demanding as teaching is I truly know that I have taken the right career path but this path is always made easier with students like I've had in my classroom this year. They have been a joy to guide and instruct. I know I am a better teacher for knowing them and, for that, I'm truly grateful.
Enjoy your summer, Historians and Innovators!