@TeachThought Day 18: Teaching Philosophy Metaphor

Today's challenge was to come up with a metaphor for my teaching philosophy. This week is particulary busy for me and the thought of creating a metaphor is daunting! Here are my thoughts:
 I feel that teaching is sculpting. 
A sculptor gains access to a block of, for example, marble. The sculptor can see the general makeup of the marble but won't know what's inside until the actual chipping begins. Any generalizations the artist may have about the marble might turn out to be just a generalization when work begins. Sculpting is messy, precarious at times, and hopefully exhilerating when he or she views their final product. I view teaching similarly.
I can make assumptions about the makeup of my classes but I have no idea what the year will hold until I actually begin. (Those assumptions can be detrimental, as well.) Teaching is messy and not always clear and structured. (That's ok, in fact, that can be wonderful--there is nothing like teachable moments). Finally, both artists need to have the ability to be creative and risk-taking should be encouraged.
I feel that this metaphor illustrates my teaching philosophy.


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