@TeachThought Day 21: Bringing my Hobbies and Interests into the Classroom

My reflection today centers on how I bring my hobbies and interests into the classroom. 

I enjoy crafting--it's cathartic and I feel renewed when I'm creative. I have made some items for my classroom that make it more homey (but not too "girly" or cute--I need to be mindful of the boys in my classes). 

I love music and art history and try to incorporate them into my US History curriculum whenever possible. Two examples are the soundtrack from the movie "The Patriot" and John Trumbull's Signing of the Declaration of Independence. I also play U2's Pride (In the Name of Love) to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. 

I am a sports fan and bring in articles to share with my Effective Teens students related to concepts we study. An example would be the article I shared about a former Detroit Tiger All-Star baseball player that was demoted to the minors a few years ago when he wasn't producing on the field. This athlete made the best of the situation and was a shining example of professionalism during a time that was full of stress and anxiety for him. It's real-life examples like this that bring the ideas and concepts home for my classes.

My hobbies and interests are woven into my classroom and my teaching. #reflectiveteacher 


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