TeachThought Day 7: Most Inspirational Colleague

Today's post is to reflect on who my most inspirational colleague is/was. I have given this some thought over the past few years and realized there are five professionals I consider to have been my strongest mentors and role models. Through reflection I can pinpoint how dramatically my career has been altered (always positively) through their influence and I will be forever grateful. The colleague I would like to focus on in this post is Deborah Parizek, my cooperating teacher.

Good luck brought me into her classroom. My university was adamant that intern teachers not know their cooperating teachers and placed me with her. I knew when I walked into her classroom for my interview that she was special and I was thrilled to be able to work with her. Debi taught me so much and she is always, many years later, in the back of my mind when I plan curriculum, lessons, and assessments. I can say that she is the best social studies teacher I have ever known and I am so fortunate to begin my career under her guidance. Debi was also the first National Board Certified teacher I'd ever met and my own certification is due in part to her. Thank you for such a positive and powerful student teaching experience.

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