@TeachThought Day 27: The Importance of Weekends and Holidays

I'm sure teachers everywhere are in total agreement with me when I say that weekends and holidays are vital!

Weekends during the school year are all about catch-up: I get extra sleep, a chance to grade work and plan, get up-to-date on my household chores and grocery shopping, I have longer workout sessions and make time for fun, too.  

Saturdays and Sundays also give me extra time to be a Mom and enjoy my son and daughter's soccer and basketball games. I love to watch them play and enjoy being kids! It's revitalizing and strengthens our parent/child bonds.

Holidays are critical because there is usually an event during the time off and that's a chance to make new memories with family and friends. We have traveled during some holiday vacations and when I come back to school I'm refreshed and energized.

Both weekends and holidays allow me precious time to reflect and think--this is key to making me a better person, parent, friend, and teacher.  Reflection, I've realized, is essential to guaranteeing  I can continue to give my all at school and at home.  #reflectiveteacher 


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