@TeachThought Day 28: The Technology/Curriculum Connection

Today's post centers around the issue of whether or not technology should drive curriculum. I hadn't read all 30 daily Teach Thought topics when I answered this question earlier in the month, on September 12th. The goal should be that curriculum should drive the technology usage in the classroom, not the other way around.

Teachers should use a variety of methods to teach the standards, skills and concepts necessary for students to learn in their subject area. Technology needs to be one way to help students learn--it can't be the only way. Technology is amazing and dynamic but needs to be harnessed and filtered through the content. My district is utilizing the SAMR method to integrate technology into teaching and I feel this is a reasonable way to start slow and ultimately transform my teaching.  

I am striving toward the Redefiniton phase but needed to work in the Substitution phase just this week so that I could see what an on-line discussion (my first) would look like. (The topic: after learning about the British Army and Continental Army's preparedness for the American Revolution, who was better prepared to win? These discussions went really well and motivated several less-motivated students!) I need to realize that as long as I make the content of the class my focus I can and should use technology (in the enhancement and transformation phases) to change my teaching.


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