@TeachThought: My PLN and What it Does For Me

My Professional Learning Network is growing bigger everyday, thankfully! I enjoy working with and learning from educators (and administrators) representing all content areas, grade levels, years in service, and subject areas. 

I believe firmly that learning comes from a willingness to share ideas, period. For example, I learned a valuable classroom management technique from a 6th Grade Language Arts teacher during an observation many years ago. If I wasn't willing to be open-minded I could have dismissed the technique because I teach 8th graders. Instead, it was a valuable teaching moment for me.

Last week I was fortunate to attend a school improvement meeting with leaders from the six secondary buildings in my district. I had a fabulous day interacting with and building upon the ideas these six teams brought together. I cannot wait to see what will come of the groundwork and synergy produced at this meeting!

I believe that technology has allowed my PLN to grow. I am connecting with educators from around the world and seeing pedagogy with new eyes.  #reflectiveteacher 


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