The Most Important Lesson I Want to Teach My Students

I think the most important lesson I want to teach my students is respect. This word is all-encompassing and has many facets.

One example is self-respect. I've said it before but Middle School. Is. Tough. Feeling comfortable with who you are can at times be challenging as an adult but it's often painfully challenging as an young adolescent.  I want my students to get to the point that they are happy and content with their uniqueness at a time in their life when fitting in means everything. Every time I see a student balk about giving their opinion on a topic we're studying I encourage them to "own it" and do the best they can at whatever it is they're uncomfortable doing or saying. Risk-taking during learning is encouraged and supported in our room. Students need to feel good about who they are and I will do what I can to assist them!

Respect for others is essential, as well. I do not tolerate put-downs or unkind actions in our room. I will, to the best of my ability, make our time together as positive as possible. Respect for each other tends to lessen behavioral issues in the classroom, too.

My goal is to help students have more respect for themselves and others. #reflectiveteacher  


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