Memorable Moments

The #reflectiveteacher post for Day 8 is to reflect on a memorable moment and how it reminds me how much I love teaching. I am fortunate enough to have two recent moments. 

My first moment happened early in the school year. A group of girls came into our 8th Grade History class one day bubbling with excitement, the way teenage girls often do. Their excitement wasn't due to One Direction or the High School Homecoming game but was because they created song lyrics to the Lorde song, "Royals" based on what we were learning in class! I couldn't stop smiling as the girls asked to sing their creation to the class and I videoed them. They gave a terrific performance and I was so happy they were enjoying learning about American History! 

My second moment happened this week. I have frequent chats with my Effective Teens related to their Genius Hour projects. One of my students is struggling with her product--she wants to do something with fashion but doesn't know if she should do a blog or a website. She is also an English Language Learner so our language barrier is  another challenge. I explained to her that she already knows what to do--it's in her heart. She now realizes that the answer is in her and she will come up with the right answer for her (I'm looking forward to hearing her decision on Monday). While we were talking I realized once again why I do what I do. It's moments like these that make it all worth it. 


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