Prepping for a New School Year: How to Teach...Making Friends

I found a fascinating post on Twitter today titled "How to Teach...Making Friends".  Adults often think making friends at any age should come naturally but I don't believe that's the case. Children and teens often lack the social experience necessary to introduce themselves to others and cultivate positive relationships. Our dependence on technology seems to decrease the amount of time we spend practicing genuine listening and other essential conversational skills that are vital to gaining and keeping friends, as well. This topic is important to me for two reasons: I want to help my students be better friends and teammates in class because I have a discussion-centered classroom environment and I also want to help my own son and daughter because they are the "new kids" in their schools this year--we moved over the summer.

I can't wait to examine the resources provided and start using them at school and home so that I can help my students and children maximize their potential as kind and empathetic friends. 


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