New Classroom Signs!

I have made a few new signs for my classroom and wanted to share...

These signs are for my students' interactive History notebooks. We keep them in the classroom on shelves. I am fortunate to teach part-time and I'm changing my schedule from mornings to afternoons--it will better serve my daughter's new school schedule. (This will really be a big change for me--I've taught mornings since my son was born twelve years ago!)

This sign represents my new favorite word. I absolutely love Twitter--it's an amazing resource for cutting-edge educational theories and ideas. Recently I discovered a post about the power of the word yet. People (myself included) often limit their potential with negative thinking (for example, saying or thinking "I'm not good at ______.") I'm looking forward to discussions with my students about how adding this word to the end of a pessimistic sentence gives them the power and the potential to change and grow. I will now also have a visual to refer to whenever I hear pessimistic thinking in my classroom!

This last sign will help me keep students, parents, and other stakeholders more connected to the learning in our classroom this year. The top part of the sign is the Twitter username I would like to use in the classroom (I unfortunately created two Twitter accounts--rookie mistake!). The next two hash tags are what I am going to make an effort to add to my US History and Effective Teens class tweets, respectively. The last tweet is a district hash tag to help my classroom stay connected within the district. I really enjoy posting Tweets during the school day and it's my hope that parents and students will like discovering what we do in class.


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