Big Changes this Year

For the past 20 years I have started teaching every September with classes full of 8th Graders that are eager and ready to learn. This year's students are as ready to learn as ever but there is one big change:

every student now has an iPad.

Technology and I have come a very long way in the past eight years and I look forward to this new challenge. My goal is to let the History content drive the use of technology in my room, not the other way around.

This article from TeachThought has been very helpful for me on this journey: 

I need to be ok with taking it slowly--I have a organized, highly-functional classroom where students learn deeply. I don't want to lose my focus because I'm so excited to jump in to all that having a 1:1 classroom can bring. I will take these tips to heart and attempt to do a few things well. I am really looking forward to publishing student work, ways to incorporate Visible Thinking, and develop project-based learning opportunities.

Here we go...


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