"This is so cool!"

That was pretty much the phrase for the day. 

My classes worked with their iPads today for the first time and were really impressed with them.  They used the Keynote and Numbers tutorials and I like how much there was for them to learn and work with--the tutorials are very thorough.  They kept students engaged and they were helping each other with the practice activities while I monitored and provided assistance, as well.

Interestingly, the room was quiet every class period as my students were engrossed in learning.  This technology kept them very focused and they really appreciated being able to use it.  I am pleasantly surprised by how smoothly it all fell into place. All in all, a terrific start!


  1. I said "This is so cool" ALL hour long.
    I have decided that I need to get an iPad.
    Time to save some money......

    2nd hour

  2. I said the same thing :] The mantra that I was chanting in my head was "This is so cool this is so cool this is so cool etc." It was very interesting to use, and I think that it'll be great to start using it for the project.


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