The best laid plans...

Data entry is going to take much longer than I first thought, and that's okay--it's part of the process of implementing a project for the first time. The students need to create a simple formula for all of the subtotaled categories I've created or their budgets won't calculate properly and the expenditures budget has a lot of subtotaled sections.

Students also had to think about why one of the expenditure categories (Public Safety) has a negative balance.  (That was intentional--students may have to lay off some Public Safety employees or make cuts in other parts of their budget to keep their citizens safe).

Students were once again helping me teach other classmates today when questions arose.  I enjoy watching these "computer experts" feel confident in their skills and assist their peers.

Monday we will continue data entry and I will patiently wait for groups to be ready to analyze their budgets.


  1. The iPads are really fun to work with, and exciting, but I'm not sure I completely notice a difference between Numbers vs. Microsoft Excel. On Thursday, we were all having a hard time working with formatting both tables and charts. A lot of first hour kids were wishing for laptops, but I think we just need time to figure out how to work Numbers and we'll be wishing for Numbers once we have to go back to using Excel...


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