Preparing Students for the iPads

The iPads will be in my classroom soon and I'm trying to decide how to help the students in my classes that (like me) haven't had a lot of experience using them.

I think I will do this by downloading the videos of the apps we will be using (Pages, Keynote and Numbers), have them watch the videos and write down their thoughts.  My district Moodle page has many links to resources and tutorials to help me. After my preview students will get a feel of how iPads work and all of the new and interesting features available to them. They'll have a bit more prior knowledge and that will shorten the learning curve so that we can dive in and get to our project.


After watching the app videos I am very excited to start working with the iPads! I know my students will be, too, and we're going to make the most of the time they're in our classroom.


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