Data Entry

We started entering our Revenue and Expenditures data today (we'll finish tomorrow) and the students are becoming more comfortable and proficient with Numbers.  Saving documents to Numbers is something the students were unfamiliar with so we are learning how to do it together. 

Another issue today dealt with widening cells.  One of my fourth hour students figured it out and taught the class.  I enjoy having the students show their classmates what they know--it makes the "teacher" feel good and their peers appreciate it, as well.

Tomorrow is the beginning of what I've been waiting for: discussions and debates about the budget.


  1. I think the ipads were super fun today, we got to have fun using them, while entering info on numbers. I think the ipads are better than laptops because its more hands on when you use an ipad for a spreadsheet, slide show, or writing a paper because you feel like you control it and you're not overwhelmed with it, its so easy to use just by going through the interactive tutorial, but is very productive which is what you need if its going to be in a classroom setting.

    -Trevor Coval


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