I have been thinking about a "March Madness"-style tournament for our US History content for several years now. The schedule changes we've had lately helped to make a tournament a reality--I needed an activity we could complete in my classes on an as-needed basis.

We will be taking part in the Ultimate US History Tournament!

Who (or what) is the most important person, idea, or event in US History from the Declaration of Independence until the start of the US Civil War (July 4, 1776-December 31, 1860)?

Let’s find out!

Students will determine the most important person, idea, or event and justify their rankings. A class tournament bracket will decide the winner of the Ultimate US History Tournament. 

The four regions are the American Revolutionary War regional, A New Nation regional, the Growth and Change regional, and the Road to the Civil War regional.

I feel this is a really good way to review the big ideas in History this year and have fun while doing so. The students are enjoying starting their brackets and debating seeding for the topics. 


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