Haiku Poems about Factory Life in the Mills: Fourth Hour

These haiku are created by my Fourth Hour historians: 

Young children could work
long, hot, and tiring days
very poorly paid

Conditions are bad
dust and cotton fill the air
suffocating kids

Very low wages
little kids wanting to learn
no education

Young girls are working
in cotton mills, they suffer
in harsh conditions

Windows are closed shut
machines are crying loudly
they cry for the girls

A dollar a week
at first seems good but later...
future is ruined

Sweat forms on our brows
we are not educated
we work for money

The air is dirty
danger constantly finds us
our wages are low

Working at the mills
I think I need some water
it is very hot

Others play outside
I am struggling inside
my factory life

The factory life
was really hard and it was
really, really hot!

Young children work hard
hot and loud environment
low pay and safety

I was happy in the firsts nine days
then something happened after eight days
finally I understand how I am thirteen years old.

Very low wages
very young children could work
long working hours

Very low wages
different types of hardships
filthy working space

Cotton in the air
factory life in summer
summer heat waves kill

Little girls working
dust and cotton fill the air
little girls fainting

Hot and humid mills
there are no windows open
cotton flies like snow

seems like so much fun
fun until you see the truth
terribly low wages

Working at mills
hard working conditions
I need to hydrate myself

It is very hot in here
also smelly but I work and work
I keep working for life

In the USA
there lies a girl, who works tough
works until exhausted

Children working hard
paid very little money
life wasn't easy

Working very hard
in the worst way possible
for little money

Kids' lives were at risk
many dangerous objects
got paid low amounts

Very low wages
not enough education
it was dangerous

Common injuries
dangerous situations
very boring work

Very low wages
they support their families
little girls working

They work like a man
in hard-working conditions
strong girls are working

fun childhood, ruined life
summer becomes fall

Not to save to work
and factory is not clean
dangerous as ice

Children work too hard
for long time and not well paid
they can't concentrate


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