Haiku Poems about Factory Life in the Mills: Third Hour

The historians in my third hour would like to share their creations with you:

Working at the mills
dirty working conditions
humid like summer

Supporting family
woman making small profits
hopeful for success

Poor environment
the girls are risking their lives
very low wages

The place is like winter
everybody is confined
no one can escape

Life is like summer
the air is hot and humid
the place reeks from lamps

Very little pay
working conditions were poor
some girls got injured

Very dangerous
working conditions are bad
get paid very low

Girls work very hard
some died or had injuries
the air was dirty

Girls were bruised and scarred
dangerous work conditions
working long hours

Working in the mills
hard dangerous conditions
make it out alive

Long days in the mills
twelve or fourteen hours long
girls work with caution

Kids are suffering
with not much pay and high rent
kids even get killed

Deafening noises
working hard and long hours
stuck like in winter

A new adventure
opportunities galore
spring like a new year

Young girls working hard
steaming hot like in the summer
horrible life there

Injured everyday
strings cut me and other girls
swollen everywhere

Hot like the summer
hard working girls all around
get paid very low

Swollen arms and hands
yet the girls work very hard
unpleasant mill life

Young girls worked very hard
so sick of poor conditions
but I need money

Windows were shut tight
is it winter, spring, or fall?
Can I stop working?

Sweaty girls work hard
no pretty rays coming in
no escape to go.

Too much heat inside
just like a hot summer day
machines roaring loud

Very long days and weeks
there were extreme conditions
working for money 

Very hot all day
summer weather in the mill
no breeze in the air

They live in summer
mill girls have been trapped inside
the place is musty

The place reeks of oil
machines cause mill girl deaths
but they earn money


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