Real-World Application

The students are finishing up their city budget presentations but we started class reading an article about Governor Snyder's budget proposal, which was released today.  The students are much more prepared to discuss the Michigan budget now that they have completed their budget simulation and they feel confident in expressing their opinions.  They also feel a greater stake in the outcome of the final Michigan budget and its ramifications.

I am very glad that we've done this project because a goal in teaching is to provide students with meaningful opportunities for learning and I feel that was accomplished.  This activity was challenging because it called on students to think and create, both on an intradisciplinary (economics and political science) and interdisciplinary (math, technology and language arts) level.

I will be compiling information about students' budget cuts, student ideas to generate revenue and thoughts on the project and on the iPads in my next several posts.  I will also showcase student presentations.


  1. I really enjoyed the iPads. They were so fun. I loved how nice the powerpoint formats were. And how nice the presentation looked when we did our projects. I am so happy you won the contest. It was a well enjoyed experience.

  2. I am really glad that we did this project. Now I know how hard it really is to balance a city budget. This also gives me experience for the future, helping me balance my own budget. Thank you for giving us this experience!


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