Budget Cuts

There were a few commonalities among students regarding areas to cut in the budget. Street lighting, the animal shelter, downtown renovation and employee benefits were the areas the majority of groups decided to focus on.

Most groups decided that street lighting was something that could be changed. Even though students stated that unsafe streets were a concern they felt that it was an area to cut in order to balance the budget. Many groups decided that the animal shelter's funding would have to be cut and some groups eliminated the shelter completely, choosing to pay another city to handle Peaceful Pines' animal issues.

Downtown renovation was something that quite a few students felt was unnecessary in times of economic hardship, even though they realized that a revitalized downtown could attract new businesses. A group voted to suspend the renovation until the economic outlook improved.

Employee benefits was by far the most common area for cuts among all of my classes. Students felt that employees could pay for some of their benefits out-of-pocket and that it was a welcome alternative to laying off workers (or firing them).

My students took the budget cuts seriously and really weighed the pros and cons to any choices made. I would be proud to have them running my city!


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