The students are anlayzing their data and creating their Keynote presentations.  Keynote is really user-friendly and some of the features are comparable to Numbers.  One example of this is saving and renaming work.  I am excited watching students navigate these similarities with confidence.  The day we saved our data tables in Numbers was a big event--I needed to stop helping students early and make sure I walked around the room before the hour ended to look at everyone's iPad to make sure they'd saved and renamed correctly (and show them how if they didn't know how).  In comparison, students already knew how to do these tasks our first day using Keynote and I was impressed with their knowledge.  We're becoming iPad savvy!

Finding clip art photos for Keynote presentations is, in my opinion, easier than in Powerpoint.  The students find an image, press on the photo, select "Save", go back to Keynote and it's right there under "Saved Images".  Easy!

Everyone is enjoying the "bells and whistles" components to Keynote, especially the slide animation effects.  I've created my own Keynote sample as a guide for the students and I've used some of the animation but I'm still "oohing" and "aahing" along with the other students when I see their animation choices.


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