I Think I "Flipped" My Class This Evening!

Student Historians completed their video analysis of one year of the Civil War today. Students needed to have time to also vote for their classroom winner but most groups worked until the end of the hour so voting today wasn't possible. (My classes were asked to enter a district-wide video contest for the first time this year.  It was almost-perfect timing--I'd already had this video planned but we were up against the contest deadline and need to submit our overall winner Wednesday. We had a field trip, a career planning program, and guest speaker in the interim!) My solution to get the voting done in time--I think I flipped my class! (Who knew?)

Students uploaded their videos to our Schoology page today. I downloaded the videos and uploaded them into folders by hour so that students could view them. Students now need to view all 6 of their class videos tonight or before school tomorrow and, using Google Forms, vote on the one winner from their class. I will compile results tomorrow morning and each hour (during class) they will then vote on the overall winner from all of my classes--that video will be submitted to the District's Da Vinci Award program.

History tomorrow will center around in-depth video analysis as a class but viewing the videos before class helps make the choosing the overall contest entry student-driven and more real than if I selected the contest entry myself. It took a bit of time for me to download and re-load the videos but I think that flipping my classes may be something I utilize again in the future.


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