OneTROY NHD Celebration

Oh what a night!

The first OneTROY National History Day Celebration took place this past Thursday with Student Historians from Larson, Smith, and Boulan Park and it was a huge success! When teachers from our Middle Schools decided to take on National History Day projects this year I promised I would do everything possible to help make NHD run smoothly for them and promised myself that I would plan a sharing event for all. 

The Celebration was an opportunity for our students to share with the community their thinking and learning about the 2018 theme of "Conflict and Compromise". Siblings, parents, grandparents, principals, teachers, a School Board member, members of the Teaching and Learning Department,  Deputy Superintendent and Superintendent were in attendance. They were able to interact with our students while seeing the amazing work our students created this year. But, what exactly did students do? 

Student Historians
· researched and selected a topic of interest within American History
· developed a research question and persuasive thesis related to the theme
· conducted research using online databases and books to locate primary and secondary sources
· analyzed these sources to prove their thesis
· compiled an Annotated Bibliography to explain the purpose and value of these sources
· summarized information online in NoodleTools
· demonstrated knowledge of historical context
· wrote a reflective Process Paper
· created a unique project
· defended their thesis
· presented their findings to peers and the community

The Celebration began with two Dramatic Performances. The students from Larson presented the work of Suffragettes and Frederick Douglass, complete with singing! The group from Boulan Park took us back to the compromise between Hamilton and Jefferson. Both performances were amazing and kicked off the event with style!

Documentaries were shown on a screen in the Media Center, Exhibits, Historical Papers, and QR Codes for Websites ran along the perimeter. These projects allowed the audience to interact with the projects and really see first-hand how NHD enables all students to create rigorous projects based on student interest. 

Student Historians had fun interacting with one another and viewing projects from their sister schools. These 8th Graders may be classmates with some of these students in the fall so it was a great opportunity to get to know one another better. 

Mrs. Chatel was able to acquire gift cards and coupons from a local frozen yogurt shop for our participants--a drawing at the end of the night culminated the evening.

Not knowing how many people to plan for was a challenge. I think, in retrospect, the Media Center may have been a bit small but our cafeteria might have been too big a space. There was a student sign-up survey (which provided a database/roster) but some students had last-minute events related to a High School placement test and had to bow out of the Celebration, therefore, we really didn't know how many to expect. I'm thrilled to say that there is definite interest in a second OneTROY NHD Celebration next year. It was wonderful to hear the District attendees thinking out loud during the event envisioning the 2019 Celebration! 

I was on Cloud Nine when I left. Our Middle School students enjoyed getting the accolades they richly deserved from our community and American History was viewed in an exciting and creative light!


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