Tug of War Thinking Routine

My Student Teacher and I are going to help students read with purpose and analyze the United States' entry into the Second War for Independence, also known as the War of 1812, by having students take part in the Tug of War Visible Thinking routine on Monday.

I am a firm believer in the benefits of Visible Thinking and I find it to be an incredible equalizer for students of all levels. Every student can achieve deep learning in their own way through routines. They are challenging and promote rich discussion.

Groups of Student Historians will be given cards with 9 topics/events on it. They will read a text section with purpose, looking to explain these topics in their own words. Students will place the cards on a continuum according to whether or not the United States should have entered the war. (The vote for war was the closest ever in American History.) 

The most interesting part of the activity will occur when two student groups will compare and contrast their continuums. The students will then practice academic discourse, disagreeing politely and defending their decisions against the ideas of other groups. We will then poll the students for their thoughts regarding our entry into the War of 1812 in Schoology.

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