Mentor Teaching for the 21st Century

My Student Teacher completed her first week in my classroom yesterday and it's already clear she will be a great addition to the teaching profession. This got me thinking about how much has changed in Education since my student teaching experience. 

I was fortunate to work with the person who is, to this day, the best History teacher I've ever known. She co-taught and co-planned with me and her vision helped to shape how I teach. I hope to think I would've found success in the classroom but without her tutelage the journey would certainly have been rockier.

A sixteen week placement may seem like a long time but there's so much for my student teacher to experience and reflect upon while working with me and my students (our students). I must maximize our time together and make sure I give her exposure to as many best practices as possible. This is the time for her to try new ideas and utilize 1:1 technology. I will continuously reflect and seek ideas from my peers and mentors so that this placement prepares her for her journey. 


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