Student-Created Task Lists

I value the use of checklists. They help me to organize and prioritize my life roles and there's nothing like the feeling of accomplishment when I check off my tasks as completed! I have created checklists for students dozens of times in my career--they help to make big projects more manageable and make expectations clear. I had an epiphany yesterday, though, as I was planning my Genius Hour/National History Day activities for students:

I need to have students create their own checklists.

If my one of my goals for National History Day projects is to give students the opportunity to create a project of their own choosing why am I deciding how they organize and plan their workdays? It was well-intended but I realized when they prioritize their tasks they will truly be in charge of their learning experience.

I gave each student a process checklist, emphasized looking at the contest rules, and then each student received a blank checklist to turn in a the end of the hour. (I will hold onto their lists and return them next week so that they can...create a new checklist.) 

Give students the opportunity to organize their own work...Check!


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