National History Day: On Schedule!

The National History Day projects are moving along in a timely manner and we are on schedule. Thankfully, there are many Michigan and National History Day resources available for us and my main task is to determine what resources we will utilize and timing their usage. 

I have created a check list for students to use tomorrow to help them stay focused. Students will finalize their project topic and their type of project. They will also create a digital database to house their primary and secondary resources. Our district Media Specialists have collaborated on a National History page for students, as well ( (Thank you!) 

Student Historians will begin to collect sources and also use my OPVL analysis form to analyze the value of one of their documents (see below). 

The classroom energy on our NHD workdays is particularly lively and energetic--project-based learning is outstanding on so many levels! My role will be to monitor and assist student task completion (especially topic selection), learn more about the subjects my students have chosen, conduct informal formative assessments with every student every hour, and bask in the historical investigations and analyses that are taking place! 


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