September 1st Reflections

My first week back to school each year centers on two days of district-wide professional development. I truly enjoy learning and growing and it's crucial for me to take the time to process what I've learned. I'm writing this year's reflection here so that I can make my learning visible to others. (I am, of course, assuming someone reads these posts!)

My biggest takeaway centers on deepening learning, the central theme of the sessions (and our school year). I am always humbled listening to my colleagues--as much as I pride myself on cultivating deep learning in my classroom I realize I still have more to accomplish. I will add Socrative Seminars to my list of activities and I will delve deeper into Advanced Placement History concepts (not to mimic AP classes but rather use more strategies so that my students will be familiar with it should they decide to take them in High School). My students complete many reflections on their work throughout the year but I've never thought of a video reflection until it was suggested in a session. We will now all do them this year.  In fact, my last reflection is in this clip: 


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