November is Gratitude Month

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I am once again instituting Gratitude Month this November. Students in all of my classes will cultivate their gratitude in a Gratitude Journal I've housed in Schoology. (These entries won't be graded or read by me--this activity is entirely for my students.)

Counselors at my school implemented Gratitude Month a few years ago and November, the month Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, seems to be an appropriate time to focus on all that we have. The holiday season is also approaching and this exercise will hopefully help us focus on what really matters in life, instead of the material aspects of the season. We are approaching a new year, as well--student reflections here could possibly grow into intentions for 2016.

My hope is that students will increasingly find value in being thankful for all that they have. Recognizing the good in our lives can not only help us to be happier but also make us cognizant and mindful of acts of gratitude as they occur.  

This exercise will take a matter of minutes every day and I cannot think of a better way to start our class. 


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