International Women's Day/Rosie the Riveter

Today is International Women's Day, in what is Women's History Month. I would like to commemorate the day by honoring a group that is extremely meaningful to me. My Grandmother, Elizabeth Hurd, was a Rosie the Riveter at the Willow Run Bomber Plant and helped to make B-24 Liberator bombers during World War II. I am in awe of the efforts these women made to keep our country safe during a time of great hardship. 

Last March the Yankee Air Museum at Willow Run held an event to raise money to keep the bomber plant open and asked females of all ages to dress like the iconic Rosie the Riveter poster and participate in a World Record attempt. Seven females from three generations in my family participated and helped to set a record (there were 778 Rosies in all). 

The day was so meaningful to me and I know my Grandma would've been so proud of us. The camaraderie I felt with the women there (some were genuine Rosies) must have been similar to the feeling in the plant during the early 1940s. The stories and laughter shared that day was something I will never forget. 


MLive article about World Record Event:


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