Factory Life Haiku

My Historians have been learning about life in the North before the Civil War. The Industrial Revolution in America meant that factories were being built in large numbers and people, especially women and young girls, were going into the workforce like never before. Students examined the pros and cons of factory life through autobiographic excerpts, video clips, and short readings. This research resulted in students creating haiku poetry to express their views on whether the dangers associated with factory work were worth the financial independence. Here are a few examples:
Poor young girls are trapped
At first a new adventure
Now an old prison
Some workers were kids
They don't earn much for their work
Smoke sometimes kills them
Waking up early
To work in the factory
How this work pains me
The life is awful
Factories are not lawful
It's not wonderful
It is hard to breathe
We are suffering a lot
Hands are cut and sore
Made it hard to breathe
Factory life was painful
Hands and arms were scratched


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