Industrial Revolution Haiku--Student Work

Here are some of the completed haiku. The students did a very good job of capturing the essence of working in an New England textile factory in the 1800s.

Their hands were destroyed

Tough work in the hot summer

The work was boring

                                                                --Nick, Joel, Neil and Ganesh

Stuffy, hard to breathe

Cotton whirls about in the light

Small cuts dot my hands

                                                                --Kaila and Christina

This is my winter

The treacherous long hours

The dull day is slow

                                                                --Emily, Rubab, Iris


Then, exhaustion and boredom

Last—is it worth it?        

                                                                --Joey, Sai, Eric

Looking through the dust

Bloody hands, swollen fingers

Dreading every day                        

                                                                --Michelle, Daniella, Audrey

It was very hard

Cotton would damage your health

The sounds hurt my ears             

                                                                --Danny, Laura, Skyla, Ryan        


There are many kids

The machines are very loud

I can hardly breathe       

                                                ---Scott, Will, Alec M., Adam

Work is dangerous

I feel sorrow and sadness

The air is dusty 

                                                --Ibrahim, Justin, Quinn, Eric

Not Enough       

                Waking up to serve

Each breath is filled with hard work

Life still not assured

                                --Shelby, Pooja, Aya, Haya

One dollar per week

Working in poor conditions

Should I continue?         

                                                --Maddie, Daria, Emma

Their hands were swollen

Many children were at work

Loud sounds filled the room      

                                                --Alec J., Allison, Jillian





They work us too long

We don’t get enough money

It’s very unfair  

                                                --John, Alex, Ethan

Some get treated well

Some get treated horribly

It’s all for the money

                                                --Peter, Kelly, Lueda

It used to be fun

But now it is torture

This cold, scary place

                                                --Amanda, Jessica, Kristina


Loud machine noises

Stuffy rooms are very hot

Can’t get any air              

                                                --Pranathi and Shannon






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