Federalist/AntiFederalist "Facebook" Pages

The decision to ratify the US Constitution after the Constitutional Convention was crucial to our country's history. Most people in the 1780s were either for ratification or against it and debate raged in the thirteen states for many months. The Federalists and Anti Federalists used many methods, including writing The Federalist Papers, to try to persuade citizens to accept their view points.
Students in my History classes have the same challenge as the Federalists and Anti Federalists had, with a modern twist.
Small groups will be creating "Facebook" pages (on paper, not the actual website) for the Federalist party or the Anti Federalist party and their main task will be writing a dialogue illustrating the main arguments for and against ratification.
Even though history sided with the Federalists the Anti Federalists had one extremely powerful counter-argument: the Constitution had to include a Bill of Rights.
How different would America be today without this compromise?


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