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One of the educational blogs I subscribe to sent me a link to an amazing site for History educators, This site was created by the National Archives in conjunction with the National Council for the Social Studies. embeds the National History Standards in their lessons and the site is free to teachers. There is not only a digital vault with thousands of cataloged primary sources but also many tools for educators to use these sources to bring investigative activities to students. Classes will be able to, among other activities, weigh evidence and understand the main concepts and ideas in history. I have just briefly started to explore this site and am so excited by the possibilities! My students will be delving into these activities and lessons starting this week!
 Here is the link:


  1. WOW! This is really cool Mrs. Slaviero, I like how you can view all the different documents, and on the side there is a little summery.
    Cant wait to do this activities!!!

    Luke C.
    1st Hour

  2. Hi Luke, I'm glad you thought this was interesting, too! We will use this in class soon!


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