The Louisiana Purchase

Students began learning about the Louisiana Purchase and I am using a terrific resource from the National Archives with my students to help them understand this topic better.

The "Our Documents" site lists 100 of the most influential documents in US History and the interesting thing about this project was the the American people voted on which documents made the list. Today students started viewing the actual Treaty that sold the Louisiana Purchase to America. Students will view the artifact and analyze it, as well. Working with primary sources is interesting for students and greatly increases their knowledge and understanding of history.

Here is the site with the treaty, please let me know what you think of it!


  1. The Louisiana Purchase was very important to the history of the U.S. It doubled the size of the U.S., expanding our colonies out west. We gained a lot by buying the territory.

    1. Nicely said! It significantly changed our country, both in size and in terms of what we felt we were capable of.


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