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Today we discussed the Preamble and the topic of United States currency came up. Students were really interested in how our money is printed and we talked about the state quarter collection and the US Mint.

The US Treasury has several links that are worth viewing: the "Currency--Popular Topics" section has information about the redesigned paper bills and the "Coins--Popular Topics" section has information about, among other things, the new Presidential dollar coins mentioned in class. (Did anyone look at the new Westward Journey Nickel Series?)

Please tell me what you've learned!


  1. in my opinion the best principle of all the 7 isindividual rights because i believe everybody should be treated equal no matter the religion,sex, or color

  2. One really interesting thing is that "money surgeons" can fix your money for you! You can get all your cash back! Very interesting site.

  3. Hello Mrs.Slaviero. Loved the discussion we had in class today. I thought the question you asked us (How has the Constitution created "a more perfect union") today was great and made me really think. I think having equal rights has made it "A more perfect union" because everyone is different and we the people should have a say in everything that can affect us.

  4. Hi Mrs. Slaviero,
    I checked out the Westward Journey Nickel Series. I think they look pretty cool. I thought the series from 2004 were really cool. It is interesting that some of the Nickels are worth a lot of money.

    Hunter Wendt


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