Was Your School Founded During the Reform Movement?

Today students started studying the Reform Movement. The time period from the 1820s to the 1860s brought about many changes in American society and one of these changes was the emphasis on higher education. We researched the creation of Michigan State University and the University of Michigan and determined that MSU was founded during the Reform Movement but U of M was founded right before.

As an extra credit assignment, students can research another college or university tonight and tell us tomorrow whether it was part of the Reform Movement. I will post our findings here. (First hour, you will get this same opportunity tomorrow.)

Many students, including Jesse, researched schools and while some, like his example, were founded during the Reform Movment others were created later. Here's a list:
Oakland University, 1957
Stanford  University, 1891
Central Michigan University, 1892
Harvard University, 1636
Princeton University, 1746


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